No I didn’t disappear!

As the title says…

I’ve had a million and one things heading my way lately (mostly good things though.)  And when I’m not at work, I’m busy taking care of my bed-ridden wife who is about to pop with our newborn sometime between now and next Sunday.  In addition to that, I’ve had to play single parent for the most part in taking care of my other two boys since she can’t do a whole lot at this stage right now.  She’s been out of work for nearly a month, and I’ve been pulling 50-60 weeks or so to make overtime in order to cover for the times she won’t draw a check.  So yes… my life has been strictly work and family for a good month at least.  No Xbox, no writing, and any other free time I have has been used for getting the nursery ready… which still isn’t frigging done yet.  But luckily with the baby being in our room for the first month or two, I’ll have plenty of time to finish it.  The hardest part (the painting) is over and done with though.

Our baby boy will be named Gabriel, and once he’s come into the world I’ll be taking three straight weeks off in order to care for my wife (she’s getting a c-section) for a couple weeks during the healing process, and of course spending time with my new son.  But during that period I hope to get a jump start on a short story I’ve been working on.

It’s become quite interesting so far.  I only have a couple pages done but it is more of a modern fiction that transitions to fantasy fiction as the story progresses.  I’ve been getting constant ideas for this thing and it’s getting my fingers itchy to start pounding out those words from my keyboard.  I never thought I would be as excited about writing something other than The Kingdom Come.  I just need to find more time to do it…  Times like now are perfect except for the fact I’m extremely sleepy by now.  If it wasn’t for that, if energy was endless for me, I would be hammering out another page or two after I post this rant.  But I’ll be lucky if I get just a tiny bit of Call of Duty or Destiny in on the Xbox One before I pass out.  And on top of that, we got a baby appointment in the morning that may determine how close we really are.

I’m not even going to read over this before posting… yes I’m that tired.  So forgive me if this isn’t the most exciting post ever, or the most informative about my recent creations.  Just know that I didn’t abandon my blog and anyone who is remotely interested in what I have to say shouldn’t fear me going away!

And in case I haven’t mentioned it already…. I miss writing! 😦



A New Direction

So after much thought and some back and forth chit-chat with my wife (who devours books on a constant basis until I tell her to stop buying them or else the children go hungry,) she’s helped me come to the realization that it may be a good idea to take a detour and journey down the path of short story writing.

Why?  Well… she made a couple good points.  One of them I was already aware of… ya know… being an unknown and new author trying to share his work to the world.  That alone is the hardest part of getting your work represented and published; being that new nobody that wants to make a name for him or herself.  I can only imagine how much easier it would be once my first book is published and is hopefully a big hit.

Another thing (and probably an even harsher climb for me specifically) is the fact my book is very furre centered.  Let’s face it… most stories that involve anthropomorphic characters like furres, end up being children’s books… or porn.  Which is a rather huge contrast.  I mean really?  Either something innocent and rated G, or over the hill and through the woods into adult fantasy XXX?  Kind of messed up if you tell me *laughs*

But facts are facts… there are NO furre-based stories/novels that are presented in a serious setting like mine are.  So I can understand a literary agent’s thought process when he or she is reading my synopsis going, “Erm… Not bad but, who wants to read a story about a bunch of lions and tigers and can relate to them?”  So ya… that’s my biggest challenge I think.  But I have NOT given up hope!  After all, I’ve learned long ago that some of the greatest men and women of our time are those that pioneered into something totally new.  Heck, J.R.R Tolkien’s saga The Lord of the Rings was supposedly doomed for failure in the eyes of many ‘educated’ authors of his time, and yet it is one of the greatest fantasy tales of our time today.  Some of Stephen King’s greatest works were books he had set on the back burner for years while writing other stories to get his name out.

So I’ve updated my synopsis to adapt to the changes I made to the manuscript itself, and my plan is to continue submitting to different literary agents in hopes of striking gold.  I will be putting off production of Part 2 in my Kingdom Come series for the time being, and begin jump-starting my creativity to produce short stories that will hopefully catch attention of some agents willing to represent them.  I hope to remain on the side of medieval fantasy, but I won’t shy away from modern fiction or even sci-fi.  But whatever I write, it’s going to be primarily human-based.  Part of me wishes to write short stories based off of the World of Galantis… which I may.  But I won’t limit myself to just that either.

In conclusion, I figure I’m in a win-win situation.  I write a bunch of short stories (and maybe even a separate novel?) and get them recognized, published, make a little money too, while still submitting The Kingdom Come in hopes of getting lucky.  This way I’m always moving forward and establishing my presence out there in the literary world and gaining an audience.



I seriously wonder if I will ever be done this first book. I’m not trying to edit it to death but in the same breath, but when you do something like take away the introduction which laid some foundations and set the tone for the story, can’t help but having to through the manuscript somewhat and do some filling in the blanks. Why did I get rid of the introduction you may wonder? Well, let’s just say that I kept getting feedback that I wasn’t hooking people quite enough with the story. So I had to step it up a notch from the beginning and take the audience right into the conflict.

I decided in order to reduce the amount of work I would have had to do (in addition to keeping my readers hooked to the story) I figured I would leave some things a mystery to the audience as they read. I’m starting to realize that sometimes too much detail can bore a lot of readers. I have learned in the not-so-distant past that sometimes when it comes to writing, you have to leave some things to the imagination of the reader.

Well anyway, next thing to do is update the synopsis and attempt some more submissions to new agents and to ones I have submitted to in the past. I am desperately trying to find some free time to sit down, concentrate, and enjoy myself while doing this. I have been working anywhere from 48 to almost 60 hours a week at work and by the time I’m done my shift I’m so mentally worn. Even as I write this, I’m currently working on a day off….

But hey… got to make that overtime to pay for upcoming baby expenses, right?

First 2-chapter preview up for viewing!

If anyone is interested in viewing the first two chapters of my novel, The Kingdom Come: Fulfillment of the Promise – Part 1, they can do so by clicking here. Or, you can visit The Kingdom Come page itself and learn a bit more!

Other than that, welcome to my blog and first post!  Hopefully I can stay pretty active here and share my thoughts, rants, and other stories that may come to mind while I continue to build upon the Kingdom Come novel series.  But for now, it’s nearly 1:00am in the morning and I’m fading FAST.