Regions of Galantis


Ameriah Map c

A land predominately occupied by the lokari race with mixes of humans amongst their civilization. The climate usually remains fairly cool even during the summer months, which is why the original lokarin tribes settled here thousands of years ago during the First Age of the world. Ameriah is also the birth place of all races of Galantis, when Aravu formed them one by one, they were settled in Gadriel, the village in the Myst Mountains.  From there, elves, valur, humans, and eventually lokari, branched out to all corners of Galantis.  Two major allied kingdoms rule this land, Benedir and Eastarah, both kingdoms ruled by lokarin bloodlines.

This is where the first book of The Kingdom Come series beings.  I’ll be updating this map in the future with a legend to explain the landmarks better.



(soon to come)