About the Author

Justin Kempo is a 32 year old new author attempting to make his mark in the world of fantasy fiction. He’s been writing off and on since he was a teenager, but at the age of 23 decided to start creating a novel series based off of his pure imagination and anthropomorphic characters. He has a love for fantasy fiction, while being inspired by several authors; including J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis as just a couple.

But because life is full of surprises as we know, Justin finished his first novel at the age of 25 (2009) before joining the police academy, getting married, and starting a family. It was then that his time for writing had been put on hold and his interests drawn elsewhere as he got started on his new life.

It wasn’t until late 2014 when he began to revisit his lost love of fictional writing, and make efforts to edit and revise his novel, The Kingdom Come – Fulfillment of the Promise (Part 1). He spent a year editing and even rewriting a good portion of the book before making efforts to find an agent that will represent his work. As of now, he still seeks out a literary agent interested in his work while he makes preporations for the second novel.

In the meanwhile, he maintains this blog for short stories, thoughts, and rants, that he may post in reference to the World of Galantis, a fictional world that his novel series is based off of and created from the deep fathoms of his imagination.

It’s hard getting in the time that he wants to write, considering he is still a full time law enforcement officer, and a husband and father.  He has three young children, works swing shifts, and day by day makes sure he spends plenty of time with his family before venturing off into the world of Galantis.

He’s hoping that getting involved with other writers and immersing himself with others out there that have – or are trying to – publish short stories or novels may inspire him.

Any literature on this blog, except otherwise noted, is owned by Justin J. Kempo.  Please do not attempt to copy, redistribute, sell, publish, etc, for your own personal gain.  Such actions will be met with serious legal consequences.

All literature unless otherwise noted is copyright (c) 2016 by Justin Kempo


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