Some decisions are hard but for the best.

I made the decision about a month or so ago that with the lifestyle I currently have (swing shifts at work, three young kids, a wife that works swing shifts too, etc), that out of the three main hobbies I do enjoy, I’m going to have to focus on one or two if I want to get somewhere.  I was on a roll for a good two weeks with the new book I’m working on to help introduce myself to the literary world, then of course, life strikes and I’m pulled away from the world of Galantis for an extended period of time.
I know it may sound like I make a lot of excuses for not getting anywhere fast with my books, but the reality of it is, I’ve come to realize I love to do so many things with my life.  I love time with my family, I love my career in law enforcement, I love fitness and I even love gaming!  Heck, if I had the money I would travel too!  But last but not least, I love escaping to the world of Galantis.  Part of it pains me wondering when I will ever get my first novel published and when my other books will make themselves known to the world.  It will happen though… I refuse to leave this life without making my mark in the world of fantasy fiction one way or another.

So for now – at least until my youngest son grows a little older – I will work on my novel whenever time presents itself.  I won’t stress over it anymore, I won’t worry, I won’t beat myself up for not finding the needed alone time to focus on the work at hand.  My family is more important and so is my health.  I would rather never publish a book in my life if it meant sacrificing precious time with my boys.  I can write a book at any point in my life, but I can’t ever get back the young innocent years of my sons.   I have seen and read about too many people who became so successful in business, as authors, or even as cops, yet their families were torn asunder because the husband and/or father was never around.  For what good is success if you have no one to share it with?

So as I sit here at Starbucks sipping down my white chocolate mocha and finishing up my cranberry crumble cake, I can smile even in the face of slight sorrow.  Because this life isn’t worth living without your family and the precious moments you share with them.  So who knows when my books will be finished and published!  Once this blog entry is posted I will work on it for a little while, but after that it’s back to lifting weights and saving Azeroth in World of Warcraft, until the next time I’m presented with the opportunity to return to Galantis.

In the meanwhile, I’m considering revamping my blog here to incorporate more than just my journey as an author.  I don’t spend enough time on my work currently in order to post often on here and continue with updates.  In addition, I find myself wanting to talk about other things aside from the World of Galantis.  I’ve even considered adding on fitness tips and posting stories about my adventures in World of Warcraft.  The idea would be to draw an even larger crowed that expands outside of just those who search for the ‘fantasy’ or ‘novel’ hashtags out there.

We’ll see!



One thought on “Some decisions are hard but for the best.

  1. I know that personally, I would love to hear about your World of Warcraft adventures, even though your stories on your author’s journey have been so much fun to read. I just stumbled across your blog, and have been binge-reading your posts for the past hour!

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