Ok, now a ‘useful’ post

Well I made a ground-breaking plot for the new novel I’m currently writing!  I spent at least an hour and a half in my man-cave the other day typing it all out as the ideas just came gushing out as if someone broke my head open like a pinata.

Ok… that actually is a pretty painful analogy now that I think about it.

So let’s go with… The ideas spewed forth like a raging river that no mortal man could contain.

I can’t write for crap right now, heck, I can’t really work on anything novel related while on-duty, my cop-brain is still active and alert for other things than relaxed and at ease.  But yes, I finally found my base plot-line for the new novel yet I STILL don’t know what the title is to be.  However, I’ll figure it out soon enough!


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