A little something random…

You need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

Be productive, in mind, body, and in spirit.

Give, even if it’s hard to give.  Because true giving comes with sacrifice of one’s self.

Don’t let others, even loved ones, with their fears and doubts weigh you down.  If they don’t want to soar with you, go fly on your own and breathe in the air that you so crave.  Then later swoop down from time to time to help lift them up to the bliss you feel… if you choose so.

Chase your goals like it’s all you have left.  Don’t let others who choose not to reach their goals, drag you down to their life of mediocrity.

You only get one life… so use it to make your footprint in the hearts of others and in this world.


Chapter Summaries/Outlines and why they work for me.

It’s been several days since I posted anything, not so much because of the job but because I’ve been focusing any free time I got on my new – and yet still untitled – project.  In addition, I learned something new about myself and what speeds up the process – without sacrificing quality – of writing a novel!

The old me would have spent a week just working on the first chapter, and that’s with sufficient free time to spend on it.  However, what I’ve realized is that when it comes to fictional writing, at least 80% of your time is focused on being creative by kick-starting your imagination into overdrive.  And then on top of that, you got to put your thoughts to paper and make it look pretty.  For me, this is very time consuming.  Sure, I get to write out my official draft in addition to coming up with the plot-line for each chapter all in the same breath, but I feel as if I’m working harder for it.

So with that in mind, can you believe that I figured out the first EIGHT chapters of my novel already within two weeks?!  In addition, out of those two weeks I actually completed five chapters in two days!  So this is what I did and still am doing…

After I figured out the general plot of my story summarizing it from beginning to end, I will write it down then begin breaking it down and getting more detailed on which chapter will cover what part of that plot.  So then I’ll start with chapter one and write out the overall plot from beginning to the end of what takes place in that chapter.  It isn’t made to be pretty or even be grammatically correct, it’s just simple, to the point, and brings out key events that are important for the readers to see in that chapter.  This then focuses my time and energy on the plot itself and the creativity I can utilize than worrying about how it will sound when the reader dives into it.

Once I’ve completed every chapter for my novel with these plot summaries (or outlines as I sometimes call them) and being sure they fit in each piece of the overall story, I can then start from the beginning using the summary as a guide, and write out the plot in elaborate wording that will be what I want published.  Now that I don’t have to worry about being creative in what happens next in the story, I can just focus on making it look ‘pretty’ on paper since I already wrote out what happens next!  Of course, some creativity will be required in the wording process and in details of the story you wouldn’t waste your time on with the summary, but your brain won’t feel so overloaded trying to juggle two tasks at once as you write.  At least mine doesn’t!

So there you have it!  Feel free to share what helps you or ask any questions you may have.  Don’t make too much fun of me if this is basic writing 101 that I should have already known *laughs*  I’m still learning!

Ok, now a ‘useful’ post

Well I made a ground-breaking plot for the new novel I’m currently writing!  I spent at least an hour and a half in my man-cave the other day typing it all out as the ideas just came gushing out as if someone broke my head open like a pinata.

Ok… that actually is a pretty painful analogy now that I think about it.

So let’s go with… The ideas spewed forth like a raging river that no mortal man could contain.

I can’t write for crap right now, heck, I can’t really work on anything novel related while on-duty, my cop-brain is still active and alert for other things than relaxed and at ease.  But yes, I finally found my base plot-line for the new novel yet I STILL don’t know what the title is to be.  However, I’ll figure it out soon enough!

Suckage de Tumblr

I mean seriously… I have more followers on here and get comments from people worth a damn than anyone on Tumblr.  And anything I post here, goes on there!  Well, except this maybe.

Only type of followers I get are usually ads or porn blogs.  So I’m wondering if I should even bother with that particular blog, although it is pretty good for pictures.  I can’t stomach Twitter (no offense to you Twitter-ers), I do have an Instagram but again, mainly a picture blog… only thing I can think of is a Facebook page that people can like and follow.  Hmm… that may be a possibility.