I think my path is set…

So after much consideration and even speaking to a few followers of mine who already have novels out there (you know who you are,) I think the path of self-publishing will be my route to take.  What I also failed to mention was I did get a reply back from a literary agent who was very useful in helping guide me toward this recommended path in getting my name out there.  Sadly he didn’t take on my novel the Kingdom Come, but not because he didn’t believe in it like others have said in the rejection letters, but because he felt many publishers wouldn’t, at least until I can break new ground on this type of fantasy fiction I’m presenting.  I knew this would be an uphill climb, but I love this novel (and the others to come) so much that I NEED to get it out there, even if I have to self-publish in hopes of it catching the attention of fantasy lovers out there.

In the meantime, my heart is set on the short story I wrote about earlier on.  However, I’m turning that now into a book of its own, but I don’t plan on it being as long as The Kingdom Come.  This will be my gateway novel… at least I hope.  The book that just about any fantasy/werewolf lover out there would enjoy, especially since it focuses more on humans than anthropomorphic characters.  As of now I only plan on it being a single novel, and even though it will tie into the Kingdom Come series that I’m working on, it will be a novel that you don’t need to read before you tackle The Kingdom Come series, nor visa versa.  It will be an entity of its own, yet still tied in somehow to the other series.  I guess you could call it a side story?  I still haven’t figured out the title for it yet, and I’m already in the middle of chapter 2 of this new creation.  I have a temporary title I suppose you can say, but I’m not too certain if I’ll be keeping it.

On a side note, if any of you are remotely curious on what it’s about, I plan on posting the first chapter here relatively soon once I bounce around a couple new ideas that have come to mind.  I can’t promise it will be the final result after it’s undergone some editing, but from the looks of it I can’t see it looking much different than it does now.  Just think of cops, werewolves, and cross-world inter-dimensional travel!

One of the things I’ll be purchasing is a good editing book, something that can help guide me so I won’t have to put out a ton of cash for a professional (even though I would love to hire one if I could afford it.)  I’ve already been given a few suggestions but anyone interested in suggesting any more I will happily consider it.  Now all I have to do now is battle with the greatest enemy of all when it comes to working on any project in the literary realm….. TIME!



3 thoughts on “I think my path is set…

  1. Books about self editing are okay, but I think getting critiques from other authors is a superior way of improving your writing. Try Scribophile.

    Also, once you’re ready to think about hitting that Publish button, make sure you go to the kboards writer’s cafe and read up on launches and marketing.

    The key to selling your book:

    – Professional cover that clearly conveys genre
    – Great pitch (also called description or blurb)

    Best marketing tip for you:

    – Build an email list! As in, now! As in, why isn’t there a link to sign up for it somewhere on your blog? Note that most services are completely free until you reach (depending on which service) 1000 to 2000 followers.

    Best of luck to you!

    • I seriously appreciate the info and will look into all that!

      My only question is… if I do an email list, what do I use it for exactly? Is it mainly for updating fans on my progress? Don’t mean to sound dumb, I’m just not sure what I would use it for in this sense?

      • In the pre-publication phases, simply use it to keep your subscribers apprised as to your progress. Truthfully, I wouldn’t advise using it a lot until you publish. Nor would I expect a ton of sign ups. Mainly, it’s an easy way for anyone who stumbles across you to keep in touch.

        Later, when your launching books, it is the most efficient, cost effective way to get the word out about your new releases.

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