Slowly getting back into the swing of things.

Well, all is well on the home front.  Gabriel is 5-months old and being the nap terrorist like most babies are *laughs.*  The job is…well…the job.  I had signed papers for an increase in salary with the department I work for until that got blown out of the water due to our beloved democratic governor screwing up on the state budget, which brought us from a projected surplus down to a massive deficit…  But I won’t get into that, because it’s just all-out depressing and I can write a whole blog post on it.

So Raphael has been calling out to me… yes, the main character in my novel series.  I’ve lately been craving to shut myself away in my man-cave for hours out of the day and just write.  I’m nearly done my first short-story that I had planned to be one of many to help get my name out in the literary world, but deep down I just want to return to Galantis and start on book two.

I had to sit down and start educating and reevaluating the course of where I wanted my novel series to go and how to get there.  After initially doing research on ways of publishing my work, it was suggested over and over to find a literary agent for most fantasy fiction genre.  Yet the ideas of self publishing had began to cross my mind.  But I easily dismissed them for a while because I didn’t want to just jump into that out of discouragement from not finding an agent that would take my work yet.  In other words I didn’t want to give up when the going got a little tough.  After all, I even learned something about the book that made me alter it for an even better beginning.

After reading a couple good articles on the pros and cons of self-publishing and traditional publishing (which I will happily share links to at the end of this post,) I’m starting to strongly consider the route of self-publishing.  Primarily – if for nothing else – the fact of selling rights to a publisher who can change the title, format, or whatever the hell they want on my book whether or not it is to my liking.  I understood that some rights had to be given up when doing business with the publishers, but I didn’t realize it was to this extent.  Maybe in future books that I write this won’t be such a problem, but The Kingdom Come is my ‘baby.’  I know I would be devastated if they had to change content in my book that I’ve spent years writing, rewriting, and rewriting again while creating a world from the pure fathoms of my imagination.  I think I would reach across the desk at someone who said something like, “I think the lokari race is a bad idea, we’re going to call them furumans and rewrite how they come into existence.”  I mean seriously… I MADE UP the term ‘lokari’ to begin with!

What has also spiked some hope in the thought of self-publishing is the idea if I market my book(s) well and they do become a best seller, then a publishing company may seek me out and if I so choose to go with them, the likelihood of them wanting to change the content would be slim to none because I’m already doing so well sale-wise without them.  The only thing I will be disheartened about is the fact my first published work won’t be an actual, physical, fresh-page smelling book that I’ve always imagined.  Eventually it will, but not until a publishing company wants my work or I make enough money to fork out the fees needed to print my own work.  Until then… it will be eBooks.

I feel like this is the phase of my authorship that falls under research for a while.  I still don’t have the time that I need and desire to write as often that I want with having the new baby, but nothing says I can’t educate myself as much as I can on the art of self-publishing and everything that goes with it.  The next decision I would have to make is if I do decide to self-publish, will I wait until Part 2 of The Kingdom Come is written out and finished?  Or will I publish Part 1 and then start on Part 2 after?

Anyhow, kids are waking up, time to feed the brood and get on with my day.  Here are those articles that I read in regards to self-publishing vs traditional publishing.  There are many more out there but these are the two I found time to read through.  I encourage you do the same if you are thinking of self or traditional publishing.


6 Reasons you should self publish –

Pros and Cons of Traditional Publishing and Self-publishing –


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