March 22nd

I meant to post an update on life events and what I’ve been doing with my short story… but at 5 am in the morning, unable to sleep and wishing I was home with my family, this is all that wanted to spill from the heart. So I just let it be so.

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy Gabriel 🙂

It’s been quite a journey so far. At 9:20am on a Tuesday morning, the world seemed perfect and innocent during those first few moments as you took your first breath. I got to finally see that perfect little face I’ve been dreaming about and wondering what it would look like. And those limbs… the ones that would make Mommy cringe in discomfort when you would kick and stretch, yet in the same breath make her smile as comfort washed over her already glowing face. I was sure to savor this pregnancy, because I knew for certain you were the last one. And that was ok, because God knew that three sons would satisfy.

My family feels complete now that you’re in our world. But the journey isn’t over… because you haven’t come home with us yet. You came a little early but it was expected. And like all my boys you came out big and strong, sometimes a little too strong for your own good. Your lungs had a little hard time keeping up with that hefty mass of awesome and cute. So you had to stay a little longer, heck, even get a helicopter ride to another hospital where they could look after you better! Which of course made Daddy a little jealous… he’s NEVER been on a helicopter ride yet!

It is nearly two weeks later since your birth and you haven’t come home yet. But that’s ok, because Mommy and Daddy still get to see you, and even your brothers have gotten to see you often too. You have wonderful nurses who you continue to steal the hearts of (that’s my boy!) with your cooing, crying, and sheer hunk of baby cuteness. But most importantly your lungs have gotten strong over time and can hold their own now. Next, we just wait for you to gather more strength to feed like your suppose to. Don’t fret though, don’t strain, my son. Like your name states, “God is my strength,” you continue to show everyone how true it is. You have already saved a life while being less than a day old despite your own body needing help. Now continue to gather strength, my son, my little arch angel, so you can finally come home to us.

Mommy and Daddy are waiting patiently.


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