No I didn’t disappear!

As the title says…

I’ve had a million and one things heading my way lately (mostly good things though.)  And when I’m not at work, I’m busy taking care of my bed-ridden wife who is about to pop with our newborn sometime between now and next Sunday.  In addition to that, I’ve had to play single parent for the most part in taking care of my other two boys since she can’t do a whole lot at this stage right now.  She’s been out of work for nearly a month, and I’ve been pulling 50-60 weeks or so to make overtime in order to cover for the times she won’t draw a check.  So yes… my life has been strictly work and family for a good month at least.  No Xbox, no writing, and any other free time I have has been used for getting the nursery ready… which still isn’t frigging done yet.  But luckily with the baby being in our room for the first month or two, I’ll have plenty of time to finish it.  The hardest part (the painting) is over and done with though.

Our baby boy will be named Gabriel, and once he’s come into the world I’ll be taking three straight weeks off in order to care for my wife (she’s getting a c-section) for a couple weeks during the healing process, and of course spending time with my new son.  But during that period I hope to get a jump start on a short story I’ve been working on.

It’s become quite interesting so far.  I only have a couple pages done but it is more of a modern fiction that transitions to fantasy fiction as the story progresses.  I’ve been getting constant ideas for this thing and it’s getting my fingers itchy to start pounding out those words from my keyboard.  I never thought I would be as excited about writing something other than The Kingdom Come.  I just need to find more time to do it…  Times like now are perfect except for the fact I’m extremely sleepy by now.  If it wasn’t for that, if energy was endless for me, I would be hammering out another page or two after I post this rant.  But I’ll be lucky if I get just a tiny bit of Call of Duty or Destiny in on the Xbox One before I pass out.  And on top of that, we got a baby appointment in the morning that may determine how close we really are.

I’m not even going to read over this before posting… yes I’m that tired.  So forgive me if this isn’t the most exciting post ever, or the most informative about my recent creations.  Just know that I didn’t abandon my blog and anyone who is remotely interested in what I have to say shouldn’t fear me going away!

And in case I haven’t mentioned it already…. I miss writing! 😦