I seriously wonder if I will ever be done this first book. I’m not trying to edit it to death but in the same breath, but when you do something like take away the introduction which laid some foundations and set the tone for the story, can’t help but having to through the manuscript somewhat and do some filling in the blanks. Why did I get rid of the introduction you may wonder? Well, let’s just say that I kept getting feedback that I wasn’t hooking people quite enough with the story. So I had to step it up a notch from the beginning and take the audience right into the conflict.

I decided in order to reduce the amount of work I would have had to do (in addition to keeping my readers hooked to the story) I figured I would leave some things a mystery to the audience as they read. I’m starting to realize that sometimes too much detail can bore a lot of readers. I have learned in the not-so-distant past that sometimes when it comes to writing, you have to leave some things to the imagination of the reader.

Well anyway, next thing to do is update the synopsis and attempt some more submissions to new agents and to ones I have submitted to in the past. I am desperately trying to find some free time to sit down, concentrate, and enjoy myself while doing this. I have been working anywhere from 48 to almost 60 hours a week at work and by the time I’m done my shift I’m so mentally worn. Even as I write this, I’m currently working on a day off….

But hey… got to make that overtime to pay for upcoming baby expenses, right?


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