Tumblr blog now up

I recently created a Tumblr blog in order to help reach outside the WordPress world.  For the most part the Tumblr blog will mirror this one. However, the advantage of Tumblr is the ease of uploading media (including video) compared to WordPress.  So whether you have WordPress or Tumblr…or both, feel free to follow along!

World of Galantis Tumblr – http://worldofgalantis.tumblr.com


Download link fixed…

Didn’t realize the download for the 2-chapter preview wasn’t working the way it needed.  So it’s fixed now.  Just scroll down to the previous post or visit the Kingdom Come page on this blog.  Thanks!

First 2-chapter preview up for viewing!

If anyone is interested in viewing the first two chapters of my novel, The Kingdom Come: Fulfillment of the Promise – Part 1, they can do so by clicking here. Or, you can visit The Kingdom Come page itself and learn a bit more!

Other than that, welcome to my blog and first post!  Hopefully I can stay pretty active here and share my thoughts, rants, and other stories that may come to mind while I continue to build upon the Kingdom Come novel series.  But for now, it’s nearly 1:00am in the morning and I’m fading FAST.